The Mission Statement of the Pleasants Learning Academy is to
“provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.


Financial Wellness Series

The Financial Wellness Workshop Series

Financial wellness is important to all employees of the Pleasants Organization.  The Pleasants Learning Academy (PLA) worked in conjunction with the Foundation for Financial Education, a national non-profit company, that specializes in financial education.  These sessions were created by the professionals at the Foundation for Financial Education.  Any of the 14 sessions appearing below are available on demand to employees of the Pleasants Organization.

Session 1 – Social Security #101

Session 2 – Advanced Social Security

Session 3 – Medicare Basics

Session 4 – College Planning #101

Session 5 – Financial Fitness

Session 6 – Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

Session 7 – Estate Planning

Session 8 – Retirement Planning in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

Session 9 – Stock Market Crashes for Dummies

Session 10 – Maximizing Your Financial Plan

Session 11 – 10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Session 12 – Financial Pitfalls

Session 13 – Budgeting, Relationships & Life Events

Session 14 – Mortgage & Real Estate Opportunities

If you want additional sessions, or if you wish to enroll in the Weekly Financial Wellness Workshop Series, please contact the Foundation for Financial Education at 301-718-0030 or email them at [email protected].