The Mission Statement of the Pleasants Learning Academy is to
“provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.


Enrollment Guidelines

Enrolling in the Pleasants Learning Academy

Individual Sessions & Curriculum Enrollment

Employees that attend the Pleasants Learning Academy (PLA) must be recommended by management. The Business Unit can enroll deserving employees on this website via Tab 4 (Enrollment), Area 2 (Candidate Enrollment), or by contacting the PLA directly. Contact Us is included in Tab 6, Section 3, of this website.

An Events Calendar will be published and updated quarterly. The Events Calendar is available on this website via Tab 4 (Enrollment), Area 2 (Events Calendar). The Events Calendar conveys the date & time in which the session will be presented. Sessions will be conducted utilizing one of the following media to include classroom instruction, Zoom, or video.

When an employee is enrolled by Business Unit management, they will receive materials approximately one week prior to the event. Materials are distributed via email so it’s important that the PLA receive an email address for any employee being enrolled. The PLA will accept either a company or private email addresses.

Onboarding Orientations

Onboarding Orientations occur every month. These sessions are available to newly hired employees. Employees of Reline America and Brunswick Express Management are not eligible to participate in these sessions. New employees from all other entities are welcome to attend. There are no reservations required for newly hired employees to attend an Onboarding Session.

Onboarding can be conducted via Zoom, in a classroom setting or via video. Monthly, the PLA will send information to Business Units for the media type – classroom, Zoom or video – and the applicable dates. Onboarding Orientations occur on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00PM. If an additional session is needed, it occurs on the fourth Thursday at 5:00PM. Video Onboarding Sessions can be done at any time.

Financial Fitness Series

The Financial Fitness Series is available by video. The link to a new session is always included in the Bi Monthly Benefits Update that is distributed via Outlook. Simply clique onto the link and the video will be available on demand. If the employee wants a link to any of the 14 sessions sent to them, they can contact the PLA and the link will be forthcoming with one week from date the request is received.

PLA Learning Stations – No Computer or Device, No Problem

If the employee does not have access to a computer or device needed to attend a Zoom or video session, the PLA has 3 learning stations available. Please contact the PLA and within a week, we’ll arrange to place the requested session on one of our learning stations for the employee.


Enrollment Guidelines for Manager Training, Business Unit Workshops and Curriculums

The PLA will do the following types of sessions based on demand. Simply request any of the events and the session(s) available that are listed below. Please contact Rick Centra at the PLA directly at 301-428-0800 extension 1071 or via our PLA website by utilizing the Enrollment tab.

Manager Training Series Enrollment

Manager Training Series enrollment will be done as requested. Business Unit management can contact the PLA directly with the name of the employee and the series being requested – Red, White or Blue. The PLA will conduct the Manager Training within 30 days of notification. Please designate the series you are requesting – Red, White or Blue.

Business Unit Workshop Series

The PLA can conduct any of our six Business Unit Workshops for up to 15 employees within 30 days of notification by the Business Unit. Business Unit management should contact the PLA directly. The PLA can perform Business Unit Workshops as Lunch & Learns if that request is forthcoming two weeks in advance of the scheduled session date. Please designate which of the six Business Unit Workshops you are requesting.


The PLA can conduct any of our four Curriculums for employees within 30 days of notification by the Business Unit. Business Unit management should contact the PLA directly. Please designate the curriculum you are requesting – Curriculum 1 (entry-level managers), Curriculum 2 (mid-level managers) Curriculum 3 (advanced-level managers) or Curriculum 4 (executive-level employees).