The Mission Statement of the Pleasants Learning Academy is to
“provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.



The History of the Pleasants Learning Academy (PLA)

Since inception during 2017, the PLA has served over 300 employees of the Pleasants Organization. The PLA has conducted sessions in Clarksburg, Frederick and Capital Heights located in Maryland, as well as at Reline America located in Saltville, VA. All PLA instructors are employees of the Pleasants Organization. Our materials are created in-house and are designed solely for the use of the Pleasants Organization.

The following are some of the milestones the PLA has accomplished since inception.


  • Training was established as one of the six Core Values of the Pleasants Organization on August 12, 2016. The PLA was established thereafter to serve as one of the vehicles to facilitate training within the Pleasants Organization.


  • The Pleasants Leadership Academy was founded in January 2017.
  • Since inception, the mission of the PLA has been “to provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.
  • The Academy conducted its first class on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.
  • During 2017, there were 24 candidates enrolled at the PLA. 20 candidates became PLA graduates.
  • There was one curriculum offered at PLA during 2017. The curriculum consisted of 6 classes.
  • During 2017, all sessions were conducted at our Clarksburg facility utilizing a classroom setting.


  • During 2018, the PLA tripled the number of classes it offered. The PLA expanded its offerings from 6 to 18 classes.
  • The number of Curriculums the PLA offered expanded from 1 to 3.
  • The PLA served 44 candidates of which 39 became PLA graduates.
  • Sessions were conducted at our Clarksburg and Saltville facilities in a classroom setting.


  • In 2019, the Academy expanded its offerings from 18 to 24 classes.
  • The number of curriculums increased from 3 to 4.
  • The PLA served 54 candidates of which 49 became PLA graduates.
  • The “What Makes Pleasants Different” quarterly workshop series was introduced. Sessions included Medicare, Social Security, Retirement Planning and Personal Finance. Over 60 employees attended these workshops.
  • PLA sessions were conducted in the Clarksburg, Frederick and Capital Heights facilities.


  • On January 1, 2020, the Board of Directors changed the name of the Pleasants Leadership Academy to the Pleasants Learning Academy. The name change was instituted in order to expand the number of employees PLA could serve throughout the Pleasants Organization.
  • The PLA introduced the Individual Session Series. There were over 40 different PLA classes offered during 2020. By offering classes individually, the PLA was able to serve more employees.
  • The introduction of the OneSource On Line™ Video Series occurred. These sessions are available in a classroom setting or via video. Virtual training became an important part of the PLA. During 2020, over 150 employees attended the 14 virtual classes that occurred.
  • Three individual learning workstations were built in our Clarksburg facility. Employees now have the option of taking a virtual class, viewing a video or watching any of our Financial Fitness Workshops at a PLA learning station if they wish.
  • In order to provide training during the pandemic, the PLA introduced virtual sessions that are conducted via Zoom. There were two Zoom sessions presented each month.
  • Onboarding videos were introduced for Salaried and Hourly employees. Virtual Onboarding Orientations were introduced via Zoom. Over 100 new employees attended Onboarding Orientations during 2020.
  • During the first quarter of 2020, the PLA conducted classroom sessions were in Clarksburg, Frederick and Capital Heights.


  • The PLA introduced its website – The website makes it possible for Business Units to access PLA videos, course materials, virtual Onboarding and 14 virtual Financial Fitness Workshops on demand.
  • PLA candidates were enrolled via the website for 2021.
  • Red, White and Blue Management Training Series was introduced for managers. The first class consisted of 3 fleet candidates. These candidates became graduates of the PLA on February 1, 2021.
  • The PLA greatly increased its media sources. PLA sessions became available via video, Zoom, and in a classroom setting. Zoom sessions are conducted using Power Point presentations.