The Mission Statement of the Pleasants Learning Academy is to
“provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.


Business Unit Workshop Series

The Business Unit Workshop Series

The Pleasants Learning Academy (PLA) offers six group workshops. These workshops are presented ala carte. Business Unit have the choice to select only the workshop(s) they may want.

All group workshops were previously requested by various Business Units within the Pleasants Organization. The Workshop Series sessions are interactive and last about one to two hours in duration. Each workshop is presented in a classroom setting.

The PLA can accommodate up to 15 employees during any workshop. Frequently, these sessions are performed in the middle of the day as “Lunch & Learns”. Workshops can also be performed at any time that works best for the Business Unit or a Department.

Workshop 1: Change in the Workplace

This session addresses change in the workplace. When changes are ongoing or have recently occurred, this workshop is frequently requested.

Workshop 2: Time Management

This session teaches proven time management techniques. This session is one of the most frequently requested workshops offered by the PLA.

Workshop 3: Teambuilding

Our culture at the Pleasants Organization revolves around teamwork. This workshop teaches proven teambuilding techniques as well reinforces behaviors that allows the team to thrive.

Workshop 4: Mentoring

There are many skills needed to become a successful mentor. This workshop is designed to teach mentoring skills and to reinforce the use of mentors within our Business Units. New hires tell us that assigning a mentor was the most important action the Company took to help them to become part of the team.

Workshop 5: The Skillful Art of Negotiation

This session is frequently requested by purchasing, estimating and sales departments. The PLA focuses on the three most important variables that occur during a negotiation.

Workshop 6: Improving Your Communication & Listening Skills

This workshop has been very popular because these skillsets apply to everyone. This session teaches proven verbal and non-verbal communication skillsets and genuine listening techniques.