The Mission Statement of the Pleasants Learning Academy is to
“provide meaningful training to deserving employees of the Pleasants Organization”.


PowerPoint Series

Classes Available

Session 1: Differences between Managers and Leaders

Session 2: Having Difficult Conversations with Employees

Session 4: Conducting an Interview

Session 5: Enhancing Client Interaction

Session 7: Understanding the Employee Handbook

Session 8: Performance Improvement Plans

Session 9: Alignment & Accountability

Session 10: Instituting a Career Development Plan

Session 11: Hiring & Recruitment

Session 12: Marketing #101

Session 13: Evaluating Performance

Session 14: In Basket Exercises & Personality Testing (Meyers Briggs)

Session 15: Onboarding

Session 16: Understanding Change in the Workplace

Session 17: Making the Transition to Boss

Session 18: Setting Goals & Objectives

Session 19: Conflict Resolution

Session 20: Accountability

Session 21: Performing a SWOT Analysis

Session 22: Providing Excellent Customer Service

Session 23: References, Background Checks & Offer Letters

Session 24: Progressive Discipline

Session 25: Teaching Smart People How to Learn

Session 26: Improving Your Communication & Listening Skills

Session 27: The Skillful Art of Negotiation

Session 28: Mentoring, Coaching & Succession Planning

Session 29: Company Culture

Session 30: How to Conduct Stay & Exit Interviews

Session 31: Core Focus & Alignment

Session 32: Teambuilding

Session 34: Enhancing Employee Morale

Session 35: Decision Making

Session 36: How to Create a Career Development Plan

Session 37: Recruitment, Hiring & Retaining the Best Talent

Session 38: Train the Trainer

Session 39: Time Management

Session 41: Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance

Session 42: Understanding Employee Engagement

Session 44: Managing Stress

Session 45: Emotional Intelligence

Session 46: Wellness in the Workplace

Session 47: How to Become More Organized

Session 48: Writing & Maintaining Job Descriptions